Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turn around, Bright eyes

So I had the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in my head the entire time I was at the Alice Turner(AT) branch. Pretty sure the only reason was because of the name "Turner," so that's why my post is titled as such.
AT is located at 110 Nelson Road, right near the Forestry farm and a very large church that is still under construction. Fortunately today, there were no troubles finding the door to get into the building, so immediately this trip was a success... hooray!
When you enter the building, there is a fairly substantial lobby that has nice comfy leather chairs that you can sit and relax in, or there's WiFi access so you can use your laptop sitting there as well. Further along into the actual "library" you notice that it's still under a bit of construction, so there's not as much seating or tables as there could be. To the left are some library catalog computers and the circulation desk. To the right is the children's section, pictured below:
As you can see there are a few activity tables and extras for kids to play with. The book collection for children is quite large, and there's quite a bit of room between all the book shelves. Of course after children's you get into the juvenile and YA sections (including Manga and graphic novels of course) As you continue, there is the paperback fiction section:
The hardcover fiction and non-fiction are beyond that as well. There's still not a whole lot of area for work space or reading, but as I said, it is still under construction, so hopefully we can have more areas like that in the future.
AT offers story times for various ages, computer classes and book clubs for adults. Right now their programming and resources are a bit limited due to construction, but will have even more to offer once that is all finished.
My favourite part about this branch is how open and light it is in the building. As you can see by the photo, there are a lot of windows, which give the branch a nice feel. My second favourite part was the Science Fiction and Fantasy section.... yay! I was quite happy with the selection in the branch, and very excited to pick up 3 books. (Can't go into a library without getting books, of course!)


  1. Wow! They have done a lot of work since I was last at Alice Turner! I'm very impressed it used to be a cramped tight space but has now really opened up.

  2. Total Eclipse of the Heart = my all-time favourite power ballad!!

  3. Holy poop! Such a change! I was there for 3 weeks for work experience so this is such a huge difference. It was very tight to maneuver in there. TWSS :P