Monday, November 21, 2011

Got Wood? J.S. Wood that is!

Like the pun in the title today? Me too! I was overcome by genius on that one... ha ha! Today I ventured over to the South East side of the city for a visit to the J.S. Wood (JSW) branch.
JSW is located on the corner of Landsdowne Ave and Taylor Street. It's conveniently located across from a Fire Hall so they'll be okay, just in case!
So when you walk in the doors (wheel chair accessible of course!) you immediately see the circ desk - how easy is that?! To the right is a wonderfully sunny reading room - TONS of windows, great for reading! :) To the left is the Children's section, a very large section - it probably takes up about 1/3 of the entire library! It's got really cool green fabric hanging from the ceiling that looks like trees inside. There's also lots of toys and activities for the children to enjoy while you peruse the stacks. Beyond the children's section is the Adult/Young Adult/Juvenile Fiction. The way they've got it set up, they do kind of run into each other. HOWEVER... Everything is wonderfully and clearly labelled so you know where you are and what you are looking at. I like that especially in the non-fiction section, it will have the Dewey number, as well as a label that says what's in that section! Yay for organization!
Past that is a small bank of computers, the cd's/dvd section and the paperback fiction section. And yet again, at the very back of the library is the non-fiction. Very nicely labelled of course! JSW also has lots of programs for all ages as well. One that piqued my interest was the Sleepy Time stories for Toddlers every Tuesday night.
I have to say that this branch has been my favourite so far. Although it's not very spacious, the collection is incredible. My very favourite part at this branch was the paperback Science Fiction/Fantasy section... it was SO big! (TWSS!) Not only was it a pretty large collection, most of the books were brand new and never been cracked... So of course I had to check out a couple to take home and be the first person to read them!
If you ever get a chance, check out JSW on the south east side!


  1. I never knew that the JS stood for James Stuart....interesting haha also I think I might make a trip to this library just to check it out and see the tree thing! Also I quite liked the puns :)

  2. JSW is my favorite branch!! it's so warm and welcoming! <3

  3. I like the front area (green) with the big windows. I helped be a checkpoint for an amazing race last year for teenage girls and enjoyed reading a magazine in the heat of the sun and wait for the girls. The staff was nice and didn't fret too much about 2 different group of girls coming into the library in a panic to find a kids book about sports and a lesson and read it to the rest of the group. I should come check this out for the Science Fiction/ of my favorite genres.

  4. Great looking blog Jayme! Can't wait to see more!

  5. TWSS!!! Classic writing Jayme.