Monday, November 14, 2011

Going Downtown....

So today I went down to Frances Morrision (FM) library, which is the main branch for Saskatoon Public Library. It's located on the corner of 3rd ave and 23rd street. Conveniently only 2 blocks from school for me!
FM is the branch I normally visit as it IS so close for me to go to everyday. I'm used to going there, so there's not much new for me to notice.
But if it's your first time there it can be kind of confusing place. When you walk in the front doors - which are super heavy by the way, the first thing you see is the circulation desk - which can be confused as the information desk. To the left is the fiction section, including a large Young Adult colletion, and the magazine Reading Area where you can sometimes catch people having a little cat nap. To the right is the DVD's and the books on hold. Further along is the law section and all of the non-fiction collection. Upstairs is the children's section, a mini art gallery and the fine arts department. The basement has meeting/conference rooms and Friends of the Library, which is where they sell withdrawn books for uber cheap.
FM has a lot to offer for almost everyone. Although it can be confusing to navigate, and the signage can be a bit overwhelming - there's so much of it! Personally I feel comfortable there because I go there so often.
Today I took back a big bag of books about Hugh MacLennan - talk about boring! Then went straight to the books on hold, as I had reserved some online. One of the book I picked up is called "Blood Noir" by Laurell K. Hamilton... A little easy reading to help take the edge off of school. The other 2 i picked up were about library programming for our PRPL class. Not so exciting, but necessary nonetheless.
So FM wasn't too exciting for me today, but maybe it will be for you sometime - never hurts to explore!

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  1. Hey Jayme, i seem to stay at the Cliff Wright, as it's close to where i live. I've only gone to FM a couple times...but i think i need to check out all the floors out and take some time to explore.
    I had no idea that they sold books also.