Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Carlyle King of the Underworld!

So I finally made it to the Carlyle King (CK) branch in Confed. It's located at 3130 Laurier Drive in the Cosmo Civic Centre. SO useful to have a library in a multipurpose building, and that's definitely a draw for people. However, to get to the CK library, you have to go down, down, down a ramp until you think you are going underground. It's a little scary and I definitely would not want to attempt to go there at night. :)
When you walk in, the circ desk is immediately to your left. Straight in front of you is the music and DVD's, then to the right is a fairly substantial Young Adult Section. Beyond the YA is the Non-Fiction. Behind the music is the paperback Science Fiction and Fantasy (seen above) and at the very back is the hard cover Fiction. The far back left corner houses the Children's section. Not the largest branch either, but it serves its purpose. The SciFi/Fantasy section was quite sizeable, which always makes me happy. *squee!* But things are not as clearly labelled as they could be, so finding your way around the library can be difficult.
CK boasts an extensive multi-lingual collection including Chinese, Vietnamese, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Ukranian and Urdu. They also have family story time, Toddler time, a summer reading program and offer computer programs for adults.
CK Branch was an interesting place to visit!

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